Young Singaporean Instagram Users Show How Toxic And Classless They Are

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If we could travel back in time to 100 years ago and tell the people there that in the future, everyone with a device with an electronic screen could share anything and everything in the world, they will be so excited about how we as a community could exchange and acquire information and connect with our friends so easily.

Sadly, as shown in multiple episodes of Black Mirror, with every technological advancement, there is abuse. And recently, we got a glimpse of how local social media users misuse Instagram to degrade and create contempt towards others.

During the turn of the year, we posted this video. It is made with good intentions and to wish our audience well for the new year.

Schadenfreude and drama page @netizensofs1ngapore then reposted our video without our knowledge with the in-video caption “influencers”, which has turned out to be a derogatory term in Singapore, after a video by Faves Asia depicting influencers as shallow, narcissistic, fame-chasing people went viral in 2017.

Do note that this video isn’t sponsored, isn’t hard selling any products nor is it demanding any followers or promoting any narcissism or superiority. It is several youngsters sending out good vibes, pure and simple.

However, the reaction from @netizenofs1ngapore’s schadenfreude-loving followers were nothing less than rude and uncalled for.

Here are several of them:

To those not familiar with Generation Z language, thot means “That Ho* Over There”

And the worst comment of all, which is liked by other Instagram users…

What’s more disturbing is the fact that most of these commenters are mostly within the range of 13 to 18 years old.

Do note that this is not an isolated case. Similar comments can be seen on other posts made by @netizensofs1ngapore.

We also found out that the founder of @netizensofs1ngapore is a 16-year old boy named Fyan and according to several girls in the video above, he has tried to woo them but was rejected at all occasions.

Is this the future generation of Singapore?

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