We Got A $159 Gaming Headset In Lazada’s Surprise Box For Just $29!

Lazada Online Revolution 2017
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Single’s Day sales are upon us again and online retailers are slashing prices faster than Jack the Ripper slashes victims. One of Singapore’s top online retailers, Lazada has come up with surprise boxes where you can get $100+ worth of items for just $29. The only catch is that whatever you’re getting is a mystery, but you’re still able to pick from whichever brand you would like your items to be from. Participating brands include Acer, L’Oreal, Philips, Lenovo, Razer, Levi’s and many more. Each branded surprise box is available for purchase in 2-hour slots throughout 11 November 2017. Click here to check out the schedule.

And thanks to Lazada, we got ourselves an Acer surprise box! Yay!

Lazada 11.11 Online Revolution Surprise Box

And inside it we got….

Acer Predator Gaming Headset

An Acer Predator Gaming Headset worth $159! Watch out, we’re gonna start kicking ass harder on DoTA now! While we’re unsure exactly the other surprise boxes offer, one of our media friends shared with us that she received tonnes of make-up and another said that even got a smartphone! Talk about winning a lottery. Are you ready to test your luck and see what you can receive? Click here if you dare.

Other than the surprise boxes, Lazada is also offering discounts up to 90% for a wide range of electronic, household, fashion, personal hygiene and make-up products. Plus, they have over 110 flash deals where you can buy various products for a fraction of their usual selling prices. All these deals are right here at Lazada’s Online Revolution 2017 page.

Happy shopping!

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