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Would you like your brand to be endorsed and promoted by highly-recognisable and influential local social media users? If yes, read on. Right here at Ohana Singapore, we have the largest ACTIVE database of influencers in Singapore, with over 3000 local influencers, ranging from micro-influencers (200 to 400 likes per photo) to superstars (5000+ likes per photo) built from our 5-year experience in the business.

Advantages of Influencer Marketing

Vis-a-vis, influencer marketing is more cost-effective compared to traditional ads. For example, $200 worth of Facebook ads will give your campaign an average reach of 37 700. In comparison, a shoutout from one of our influencers will give you about the same reach for half the price.

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Plus, there are other advantages, including:

  • Social Approval and Relevance. Consumers find brands endorsed by their peers more authentic and easier to relate to compared to brands traditionally advertised to them.
  • Higher Engagement. Instagram influencer shoutouts have been shown in a research to get 80 to 200 times more likes and comments compared to Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • Less Intrusion, More Acceptance. Social media users tend to view sponsored influencer posts 5 to 8 times longer than traditional paid ads.
  • Free Content. With modelling experience and good photography skills, our influencers can provide you with photos of themselves and your products for your own social media usage.
  • Targeted Audience. Depending on your brand, products and budget, we’re able to choose the most suitable influencers to target the audience whom you want.

Why Market With Ohana Singapore

Influencer Singapore

Alright, so you’ve decided to incorporate influencer marketing into your marketing strategy. But why work with us? Here’s why.

  • Largest Influencer Database in Singapore. We’re able to recruit more influencers faster than any other influencer marketing agency in Singapore, bar none. Check out our case study below to see how we recruited 104 influencers in just 4 days and managed them for Blacklight Run.
  • Effective and Efficient Management of Influencers. We ensure that our influencers take great photos, use the right tags and highlight the important points of your brand but still allow them to express their own personal feelings towards it. We’re strict with our deadlines too.
  • Authentic Influencers. We don’t want to name names, but there are hundreds of influencers in Singapore who bought their likes and followers and yet are heavily sponsored by brands. To ensure maximum effectiveness of our campaigns, we take the extra step of analysing our influencers’ impressions, which unlike followers and likes, can’t be bought.
  • Positive Branding. Ohana Singapore stands for community, discovery and fun. When you run an influencer campaign with us, you’re not just introduced to our influencers’ followers, but to ours too. All campaigns come with a free post on Ohana Singapore’s Instagram.

Influencers We’ve Worked With Before

Singapore Influencers

Plus 500+ more influencers.

Brands We’ve Worked With Before

Blacklight Run

Blacklight Run is a fun run with coloured powder, neon lights and foam cannons. We recruited 104 influencers for Blacklight Run in just 4 days and managed their shoutouts within the next 2 weeks. At least half of the influencers have over 10 000 impressions per post, giving Blacklight Run at least 1 million impressions.

Timezone Singapore

Timezone is Singapore’s most popular gaming arcade. We recruited and managed 15 influencers for Timezone and treated the influencers a whole day of unforgettable fun. In return, all influencers spread the word about Timezone’s new outlet at Northpoint City. The campaign garnered over 200 000 impressions yet only cost Timezone a three-digit fee.

Candyam Singapore

Candyam is a bakery which sells macarons with customizable prints. We recruited and managed 50 influencers for Candyam, which resulted in a traceable 120 boxes in sales in the first month of the campaign. Plus, their Instagram followers increased by 1 500.

Healing Touch Spa

Healing Touch is one of Singapore’s leading massage, facial and slimming centres. The marketing manager of Healing Touch specifically requested for influencers above the age of 21 and with a minimum of 10 000 impressions per post. With our huge database and efficient communication with our influencers, we happily obliged and recruited 20 influencers to spread the word of their amazing service. Their massages are really good, seriously.

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