We Played Augmented Reality Dodgeball!

HADO Singapore Augmented Reality Playground
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Have you wonder how it feels like shooting energy balls towards someone or to conjure protective energy shields? Sounds like a science-fiction movie, right? Well, now you can do just that in real life! Sorta.

HADO Singapore is an augmented reality playground which is located at SCAPE, Orchard Road. HADO offers single player and multiplayer games such as AR Dodgeball, Monster Battle, HADO Shoot and coming soon, HADO Kart. Their games combine exercise and augmented reality, giving participants a workout while having fun.

Ohana Singapore Augmented Reality Dodgeball Championships

We pit 3 teams against each other in our very first Ohana Singapore Augmented Reality Dodgeball Challenge. Watch the video below to find out which team reigns supreme!

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