We Jumped Off A 50-Metre High Platform!

AJ Hackett Sentosa Singapore
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Are you a thrill-seeker living in Singapore? If your answer is yes, then AJ Hackett Sentosa is a definite must-try for you! AJ Hackett Sentosa is the first bungee jumping attraction in Singapore. Visitors can challenge themselves with three activities. Firstly is the Bungy, where participants can feel the rush of freefall from a 50-metre high platform ($199). Second is the Giant Swing, where 3 participants get hurled through the air with speeds up to 120km/h ($99). Lastly, if falling isn’t your thing, you can take a walk on top of their Skybridge, which has glass panels as flooring because, you know, for that extra scare.

We collaborate with AJ Hackett Sentosa to share our experience at their venue. Watch the full video below to find out how it went!

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